Dynamic Kitchen Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback ideas

The Changing Landscape

The one constant in the interior decoration landscape is change; style and decor keep changing over time. Though many houses face the same problem over the years, the solution changes. Each subsequent solution improves on the previous one. This phenomenon rings more true for kitchens than any other part of the house.

A problem many kitchen faces are splashes. These can be defined as water, grease, or other kitchen mess splashing on the kitchen wall. This leads to deterioration of paint and structure. Plus, it results in the formation of various bacterias that damage your kitchen.

Previously, tiles were placed on the walls to prevent it from doing any damage. However, that solution had its own problem. Yet, over time a new solution was introduced – Splashback. Today, different kitchen splashback ideas exist to tackle the aforementioned issues.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Apart from protecting your kitchen wall, a splashback performs other functions too. One of which includes adding aesthetic zest into your house. Furthermore, recently, custom designs have sprung forth. These allow the individual to construct a design to their liking. Thus, infusing their house with individuality and uniqueness.

These splashbacks are often fitted in behind sinks and hobs. Today, they’ve become an essential part of every cooking space in the world. Having said that, there are multiple options for you to consider. Let’s have a look at a few kitchen splashback ideas.

  • Glass Splashback Ideas: It’s easily the most famous and popular choice out there today. People took such a liking to it that further sub-categories have been introduced. Thus, begging the question. “What makes it so special?” Well, the answer to that lies in various details. However, it’s important to mention that each person prefers it for their own reasons.
    Firstly, glass decor often oozes pristine eloquence. The tidy and sharp look elevates the visual prowess of the area. Hence, making the space look sharper and tidier. Furthermore, it bounces off the natural light entering into the kitchen. Thus, this reflection helps make your cooking area look more spacious. Consequently, avoiding the feeling of congestion and cluttering. This allows you to operate in your kitchen efficiently whilst holding a visual appeal.
  • Mosaic Kitchen Splashback: A niche design that has recently surged in popularity. Though other designs looked certain to be a hit style, this was a surprise. Many would not imagine a mosaic presence in their kitchenette, but modern decorators have proved them wrong. They have not only been a success, but show no signs of stopping.
    What added to their charm was the vibrant dance of different colours and patterns. These peculiar arrangements catch the eye of every guest. Moreover, many modern designs add an element of exoticism to it. Consequently, your kitchen becomes more than just a cooking space. Lastly, they are incredibly easy to clean. This easy maintenance makes them a practical and convenient choice. Thus, its multifunctional prowess has landed it many admirers over the years. With that trend likely to keep rising.
  • Alternative Splashback Ideas: Since their inception, their popularity has increased. With more mainstream design doing exceptionally well, alternative ideas were bound to follow. Subsequently, many alternative designs have entered the foray. Some resonated with people. Whilst others flew under the radar. These include wood, cork, mirrors, fabric, etc. However, one style which has found popularity is marble.
    These carved materials enjoy a reputation for being sturdy. The same can be said of their presence on the kitchen walls. Their durable nature makes a wise investment for years to come. Additionally, their natural composition looks appealing. Thus, adding style and vigour into your kitchenette. Making it more than just a meal preparation area.

The Conclusion

All in all, these styles show no sign of stopping. More and more new houses are adopting it as the preferred choice. Whilst many traditional house owners are left wondering. “Can you put splashback over tiles?”. To answer their query. Yes, it’s possible to alter your kitchen space to your liking. Contact an interior decorator to help you in that transition.