Expand Your Dining Space: Extendable Table Designs

extendable dining table

A Blissful Expansion

The advent of technology and accessibility has brought with it many benefits. The availability of entertainment at the tip of your fingertips all the time has made life easy. However, it has come at a price – the absence of intimacy. Family and friends seldom get together over a meal to discuss their day. Though a seemingly mundane task, it brings with it an unparalleled level of proximity. That’s why it is important to ensure that we preserve this practice to remain connected with our loved ones. To that end, the ideal piece of furniture is required – an extendable dining table.

These tables embody the essence of the essentials of modern pieces of decor. Their expandable feature allows them to be morphed into different sizes as per requirement. This versatility makes them the perfect choice for urban dwellers. Whether you’re preparing for a party with multiple guests or an intimate evening with your loved ones, it works. Moreover, over time various designs have been introduced to the market carrying different traits. However, this has made finding the right space saving an extendable dining table difficult. Yet, you need not worry. Here’s a few options to get your started.

Extendable Dining Table Options

  • Oak: Wooden benches trace their history back over millennia. Yet, what sets them apart from other material is their timelessness. To this day, their appeal still persists to this day. The reason for its undying popularity is its naturalistic charm. Its rustic aesthetic oozes with a refreshing aura that elevates the senses. Furthermore, its natural hue allows it to be integrated with any colour and decor arrangement. Lastly, its lightweight makes it incredibly mobile. Hence, allowing for frequent changes and styles without hassle.
    The wooden extendable dining table saves substantial space around the dining table by altering its length. Consequently, helping maintain the efficacy of the flow of your dining room by opting for the most optimal setting.
  • Industrial: When it comes to contemporary designs for urban settings, the industrial options have always triumphed. These elegant and exotic pieces of decor have taken the city life by storm. What makes them such a favourite is its durability. Most city dwellers operate on a budget. Hence, any purchase needs to meet a return on investment criteria before being purchased. Their sturdiness allows them to maintain their integrity over a long period of time. Thus making them an attractive option that is cost effective as well.
    Additionally, their chic design makes them a dynamic presence into your home. Whether it’s a dining table against the wall or in the centre of the room, its efficacy doesn’t fade. This versatility makes them the ideal option for frequent movers. As the one thing they can be certain about is that their industrial extendable dining table will maintain its qualities.
  • Circular: A question that many people making their first table purchase often ask is, “How much space around the dining table can I save?”.Space is a priceless asset – especially in houses in the city. With a paucity of room available, decorators have to assess when to add and when to leave space. That’s why furniture that plays with its surroundings in a way that fulfils their purpose and leaves room for others. That’s where the circular or round pieces come in.
    An extendable version of it amplifies its most impressive qualities. It takes up considerably less room without compromising on its utility. Furthermore, they are often lighter than their rectangular counterparts. Thus, the undertaking of rearranging them isn’t that laborious. Lastly, they ooze an elegant visual prowess that makes them an eyecatcher in every room they occupy. Adding intrigue and class to your house.


At the end of the day, finding the right extendable dining table may seem daunting. However, with HOB on the scene you need not worry. All you need to do is hop onto our website and start browsing. The ideal piece of furniture awaits you there.