Garden Storage Benches Buying Guide: Stylish Solutions for Outdoor

garden storage bench

Is your yard a mess of garden tools and other accessories? Keeping your outside space tidy can feel like a constant battle, but there’s a solution; the garden storage bench. It’s a seat to rest on while providing much-needed storage for all your gardening essentials and outdoor gear.

In this guide, we’ll discover the different materials available, showcase various styles, and equip you with all the knowledge you need to find the perfect storage bench for your garden.

Why Choose a Garden Storage Bench?

While a regular bench might be a nice place to rest after a long day in the garden, a garden storage bench offers so much more. This multi-tasking piece of furniture should be your go-to solution for a mess-free and stylish outdoor space:

Double Duty

It provides a comfortable place to relax while keeping your gardening tools and other outdoor essentials neatly tucked away.

Space Saver

Especially valuable for smaller gardens, storage benches free up valuable floor space by offering hidden storage under the seating area.

Stylish Solution

These benches come in various styles and materials to complement any garden aesthetic. From classic wood to modern metal, you can find one that perfectly blends in or adds a touch of personality.

Extra Seating

Need more seating for gatherings? Outdoor storage benches with seating provide additional spots for friends and family to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Finding The Perfect Garden Storage Bench

Picking the right garden storage bench can be hard, and it all depends on the material you prefer for your garden.

Plastic Storage Garden Bench

Plastic storage garden bench is lightweight, affordable, and weather-resistant. They come in various colors and styles, making them a versatile choice. However, plastic benches might not be as sturdy as other options.


  • Plastic benches are quite lighter than wooden or metal benches. It makes them easy to reposition.
  • Plastic is an economical material that makes plastic benches an affordable option.
  • It is naturally resistant to rain, snow, sun, and other harsh elements.


  • Plastic benches might break more easily than metal or really good wood benches, especially when the weather gets really bad.

Wooden Storage Garden Bench

Classic and timeless, wood adds warmth and natural beauty to any garden. Wooden storage benches are incredibly durable, especially with proper care. But remember, wood needs regular maintenance to withstand harsh weather.


  • Wood garden bench brings a timeless elegance and natural warmth to your garden.
  • With proper care, wooden benches can last for many years.


  • Wood requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best and prevent weather damage.

Wicker Storage Garden Bench

The wicker garden storage bench offers a charming, almost whimsical touch. They’re lightweight and relatively weather-resistant, but not ideal for harsh winters. Consider storing them indoors during extreme weather.


  • Wicker’s unique woven look adds a touch of magic to the garden, making it charming.
  • Just like plastic, wicker is lightweight which makes it easy to adjust.


  • Since wicker isn’t a winter-friendly option, these conditions can wicker crack with ease.

Metal Storage Garden Bench

For ultimate durability, consider a metal garden storage bench. Wrought iron or steel benches are incredibly strong and weatherproof. However, metal can get hot in the sun and might not be comfortable.


  • Metal benches, especially wrought iron or steel, are incredibly tough. They can hold a lot of weight and last for years in your garden.
  • Metal is weatherproof, it doesn’t rot or crack even during harsh conditions.


  • Metal easily heats up during sunny weather making it uncomfortable to sit.
  • Metal itself isn’t the most comfortable material to sit on. It can feel cold and hard on bare skin

Factors to Consider Before Buying Garden Storage Bench

  • Size and Style: This goes beyond just aesthetics, consider the available space in your garden. Will the bench take up too much space, or is there enough room for people to move around comfortably?
  • Storage Capacity: Think about the amount of stuff you need to store. Will the garden storage bench box hold all your gardening tools, cushions, pool toys, and BBQ accessories with ease?
  • Comfort: Especially if you plan on spending extended time relaxing on the bench, consider comfort factors like backrest options, seat depth, and cushion material.
  • Durability: This goes hand-in-hand with material selection, keep in mind climate as well. Ask if the bench can withstand rain, snow, and harsh sunlight.

Tips to Maintain Garden Storage Bench

Here are some tips to protect garden storage bench;

  • Empty Often: Leaving tools and toys inside can lead to moisture buildup, potentially damaging the contents and attracting unwanted pests. Ideally, empty the compartment after each use, especially if storing wet gardening tools.
  • Quick Wash: Wipe down the outside of the bench with a wet cloth now and then. This removes dirt, dust, and cobwebs, and for tougher dirt, a mild soap and water mix usually works. Skip harsh chemicals and scrub brushes, as they can damage the finish.
  • Tighten Up: Over time, screws and bolts can loosen due to weather or use. Check your bench for loose hardware sometimes, use the right tools to tighten them and keep your bench sturdy.
  • Protect from Weather: Give your bench some extra cover during rough weather. Cover it with a tarp during heavy rain, snow, or harsh sun.
  • Seasonal Care: Depending on the material and your climate, you might need some extra care for different seasons. For example, wooden benches might need a new coat of sealant sometimes to stay weatherproof. Wicker benches, on the other hand, can be kept inside during winter to avoid moisture damage. While metal benches may require rust protective coating.

By following these tips you can protect your garden storage benches and increase their longevity.


So there you have it, with a little planning and this guide, browse available benches, measure your space, and transform your garden into a functional and stylish haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are best for a DIY garden storage bench?

A: Wood, plastic, or metal are great choices. It depends on your preference and the weather in your area.

Q: How do I choose the right size bench for my garden?

A: Measure your space and make sure the bench fits comfortably without taking up too much room.

Q: Can I leave my wooden bench outside all year round?

A: It’s best to give wooden benches extra care during harsh weather to prevent damage.

Q: How often should I empty my storage bench?

A: Try to empty it after each use to avoid moisture buildup and pests.