A Luxury Addition to Your Home Crushed Diamond Fireplace

The Burning Extravagance

For many people a fireplace is nothing more than a luxury. To them, it adds no value to their house. That is other than an aesthetic. However, this misconception finds no evidence to support it. It itself offers more than visual appeal. This multipurpose piece of decor holds remarkable potential. Moreover, it can transform your home completely. From a normal abode to a haven.

On top of that, a crushed diamond fireplace holds even more potential. Its intricate design immediately catches the eye of everyone. Additionally, its position instantly becomes the centre of the house. Even if it isn’t geometrically. However, its heavy and luxurious presence attracts the most attention. Hence, people gather around it. That’s why it’s important to make sure there are complements. To elevate the overall appeal of the house.

The Appeal

  • Warmth: Arguably the most appealing prospect of it comes from the warmth it offers. It exudes a cosy and relaxing aura. Hence, inviting people to gather around it and spend time together. Moreover, it serves a specially comforting feeling in certain weathers. Whether it’s a cold night or storm, its potency increases. Hence, making the time spent there much more enjoyable.
  • Visual Enhancement: A crushed diamond fireplace sports a unique look. This provides it with a special dynamic. One which enhances the appeal of the entire house. Moreover, it holds the potential to enrich the surrounding furniture too. Its prowess brings out the best of other decors too. Thus, creating a house where each piece shines in its own right. Furthermore, it comes alive in unison too.
  • Cost Effective: Though this may seem wrong initially. Given the expensive nature of these pieces. However, it makes sense in the long run. The costs of using a heating system has increased significantly. Moreover, it’s a necessity in colder regions of the world. Consequently, it provides the warmth required. Plus, it does so at minimal costs. Making it a wise choice. Both financially and stylistically.

Fireplace Ideas

Now that we have established its appeal, it’s time to move forward. The efficacy of it depends on the surrounding design. The right decoration on it makes or breaks the setup.

Let’s take a look at some of the options for you to consider.

  • Natural Hearth: A fire is a primal element. That’s why surrounding it with natural material adds to the innate feeling. Having marble or limestone enclosing is an effective option. Furthermore, these materials possess enticing qualities themselves. All of which are enriched by the fireplace. Thus, making its overall presence dynamic and fruitful.
  • Wallpaper: Another avenue to explore are wallpapers. Having them as a backdrop to a fireplace serves a perfect match. That is when applied correctly. Having a placid background to a vibrant centre makes sense. The sharp contrast adds to the allure of your house. Moreover, it plays a visual symphony. That is equally attractive and functional. Furthermore, there are various wallpaper designs in the market. Including custom options. Hence, you can let your imagination run wild. Let them be the canvas for your art. Consequently, it will add to the individuality of your style. Making your house truly your own.
  • TV Above Fireplace: This is a trend that’s recently gained even more traction. Given that both of them are often placed at the centre of the house, it makes sense. However, many interior designers have their qualms. Both of these units possess a unique appeal of their own. That’s why they feared that they would be in conflict with one another. Rather than in harmony. However, those fears are unfounded.
    Though equally dynamic, they enjoy different types of appeal. TV offers fluid and moving visual stimulants. Thus, keeping the viewer hooked at all times. On the other hand, a fireplace has a constant aesthetic. One that keeps people fixed to it. Consequently, these two complement each other uniquely. Thus, creating a visual like no other.

The Conclusion

All in all, this special piece of decor enjoys a rising popularity. People are beginning to see it for what it is. A dynamic and appealing furniture that embellishes your house. However, we suggest a quick Google search before its purchase. That is “How to clean a crushed diamond fireplace?”. This will inform you how to maintain the appeal of a decoration on a fireplace. Hop on to HOBs website today and browse through our collection. A perfect piece awaits you there.