Gift Card for HOB Furniture

£50.00 - £500.00

Embark on a journey of thoughtful gifting with our £100 HOB Furniture Gift Card. This token of elegance unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing your loved ones to choose from our curated selection of luxurious furniture, including made-to-measure sofas, TV beds, and U-shaped sofas. From stylish bedroom ensembles to contemporary living room pieces, this gift card is a key to transforming their space with sophistication. Surprise them with the joy of personal choice and elevate their home with the finest craftsmanship, be it mirrored beds, low beds, or cinema sofas. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion, the £100 HOB Furniture Gift Card is a gesture that speaks volumes, leaving a lasting impression of style and luxury.

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Elevate Your Gifting Experience with HOB Furniture's Signature Gift Cards

Unlock the extraordinary with HOB Furniture's exclusive gift cards, ranging from £50.00 to £500.00. Delight your loved ones with the power to tailor their space with our bespoke furniture, from opulent TV beds to chic U-shaped sofas. Perfect for every celebration, our gift cards redefine the art of thoughtful gifting, leaving an indelible mark of sophistication. Explore the joy of personalized luxury today.

Frequently asked questions

Will I receive a physical gift card or only a virtual one?

If you purchase a gift card from our website, you’ll be able to send a virtual one to the person you’re gifting the card to. However, if you want a physical card, please get in touch with us over WhatsApp and we’ll arrange one for you.

How can I use my gift card?

Once you book a gift card, you’ll receive a personalized code over email that you can use while checking out.

What if I want a gift card of a higher value?

If you want a gift card of a higher value, please get in touch with us on WhatsApp and our team will arrange one for you on request.

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