Dynamic Garden Wall Ideas

Dynamic Garden Wall Ideas

The Appeal

For many, all decorative considerations are given to interior spaces. To that end, they spend all their resources and time on it. Leaving next to nothing for outdoor space. Consequently, they miss out on an important opportunity. Decorating outdoor spaces shouldn’t even be an afterthought. Let alone not be considered at all. It performs numerous purposes for its owners. Ranging from aesthetic boosts to security. That’s why having the right garden wall ideas is a crucial decision.

The Pros

  • Security: First and foremost, these stockades serve as a natural protective measure. Long gone are the days of the fence. Not that they were secure, to begin with. However, they served as a reminder of your property. On the other, these aesthetic barricades serve dual purposes. Firstly, they serve as a natural divider between your property and everything else. Secondly, it protects your assets from any intruders or strangers. Specifically those who intend to do you harm.
  • Privacy: Another facet where fences fell short was privacy. They offered none whatsoever. Thus, encouraging peeks and stares from onlookers. On the other hand, these partitions provide a complete screen. Thus, helping you live peacefully and safely in your house. Without having to worry about any onlooking strangers.
  • Aesthetics: An area where these fortifications often get overlooked is aesthetics. For many, their primary purpose remains security. However, their multi-functional designs allow them to take on various roles. One of them is to add visual appeal to your house. The ideal way to do that is to combine the natural scenic view with your garden wall designs. Thus, blending in these pieces in a fluid and harmonic way.

The Essentials

Now that we have established their appeal, we need to look over a few basics. In other words, these are the important elements one needs to be aware of. Without it, the foundations of your plans will remain. Hence, they’ll be more susceptible to damage. Moreover, it’s likely your efforts won’t translate to the plan you had in mind.

  • Length: Before your plans can be realised, you need to figure this part out. Identifying the length is arguably the most important factor. Whether you wish to have it at eye-level, higher, or lower. The decision needs to be made before anything else. This is because every subsequent decision will be dependent on this one.
  • Material: Once you have decided the size, the next part is material. What sort of partition do you wish to erect? This is particularly important. Because different materials enjoy different properties. Thus, your choice will indicate your requirements. For some, a garden with a stone wall may be ideal. Others will have ideas to cover a brick wall outside. It will come down to you and your taste.
  • Colour: This is another requisite of erecting a partition. Similar to its predecessor, it’s determined by the style of the owner. Many prefer to avoid painting it. Thus, making it align with the natural view outside. Others prefer to mould to their style. Whether it’s a vibrant shade or a sombre one. There are many painting ideas for garden walls out there. It’s up to you to find the right one.

Garden Wall Ideas

Now that we have established the basics, we can move forward. Decorative garden walls have surged in popularity in recent times. The main reason for this is the representation it allows. It serves as a canvas for the owner to paint on. Consequently, reflecting their tastes and styles.

Let’s look at a few options for you to consider.

  • Gallery: Before you baulk at this idea, hear us out. Hanging paintings have been a staple of interior decoration. However, there aren’t any laws forbidding its use externally. Creating an outdoor gallery can revitalise your house. With a scenic backdrop, its potency increases too. Hang different frames on them to capture different moments of your life. Alternatively, you could use artistic paintings to give it a visual edge.
  • Mirrors: Many would be hesitant to apply this due to the reflection. However, we urge you to hear us out. A mirror nestled between greenery can be a genius addition. Not only does it add a dash of pristine visuals. But it helps create the illusion of space. Something that’s priceless if you have a small garden. The presence of a mirror will make it seem more spacious. This is achieved by reflecting the light. Thus, making both visually and functionally potent.
  • Accessories: Many complain about the bland nature of these walls. They believe they aren’t dynamic enough to be included. That’s where hanging different accessories can prove crucial. It adds a bit of life to these decorations. Moreover, you can better express yourself and taste through them. Allowing visitors a peek into your preference.

The Conclusion

At the end of the day, there are plenty of ideas out there. However, finding the right one is up to you. Having said that, we realise how tricky such a journey can be. That’s why HOB is here to help you out. Our dense and varied collection has something to offer to everyone. Visit our website today to find the perfect match.