Utilize the Space Under the Stairs with our Storage Ideas

under stairs storage ideas

A Space For Wizards

Ever since the release of Harry Potter, the area under the stairs has been maligned to no end. Though we certainly don’t recommend utilising it like Harry’s uncle and aunt did, there’s a way to revamp it. There are various under stairs storage ideas to transform it from a barren room to a dynamic one. Having said that, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration before deciding on an under stairs storage unit.

First, the most important aspect to evaluate before proceeding with any decisions remains budget. How much you are willing to spend filters your search considerably. Hence, helping you reach the ideal solution efficiently.

Secondly, decide on the aesthetic you wish to create. Gone are the days where storage areas were evaluated solely for their functionality. Modern under stairs furniture needs to fulfil multiple roles in order to be deemed effective. Hence, visual prowess is just as important as functionality.

Lastly, before taking any step towards redecoration, create a mind map of the destination you wish to arrive at. This will help you make decisions that help you achieve your desired results.


There are immeasurable modern under stairs ideas for us to list down in this article. However, here are a few options to help get your search started.

  • Open Shelving: A popular and budget-friendly option that many opt for is open shelving. This option revolves around creating unique shelves underneath your stairs. The novelty of this idea allows you to select the material of the shelves. Whether you wish to use wooden shelves or metallic ones, the choice is yours.
    This not only helps you bring out your individuality, but allows for a storage too. Furthermore, this area serves dual purposes. Not only can they create a dynamic visual, but the items within can be accessed frequently and easily. Consequently, under stairs shelving has taken over many households. Moreover, its popularity shows no signs of waning any time soon.
  • Cupboards: By far the most popular utilisation of this area has been transforming it into cupboards. Though the traditional route meant a conventional cupboard being fitted into whatever room was available. On the contrary, modern ideas for under stairs cupboards are significantly more robust and dynamic.
    These sets have evolved in terms of functionality over the years. Modern pieces offer much more than merely storage utility. They possess the capability to tie the entire together with its distinct disposition. The creative visual structure that it possesses helps ignite your house into a delight visual frenzy. A trait that has endeared it to many people over the years.
  • Dry Bar: Though many people have the instinct of transforming this area into a close space, it needn’t be so. Instead, having an open spaced dry bar is an excellent option. To clarify, a dry bar is different from a wet bar in that it doesn’t require any plumbing. Hence, eliminating the possibility of water leakages destroying your decor.
    This open space serves as a storage unit. It allows the owners to keep frequently required items within proximity. Additionally, it offers a surface for you to prepare drinks or any other fast beverage. Hence, saving space for other pieces of decor. Ultimately raising the overall appeal of your house.

The Bigger Picture

At the end of the day, there are infinite under stairs storage ideas out there. However, the right one may vary from person to person. Which thus begs the question, “What is the right under stairs storage idea for me?”. Well, that question can only be answered by yourself. Having said that, we realise it may seem daunting at first. That’s why, you need only to visit the HOB website to kickstart your journey. Our diverse and dense collection is bound to hold the right unit for you. Hop on and start browsing.